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ag-on-move5“Ag On The Moove” is a series of activities agricultural societies can have at events in their communities. Sometimes it can be at a fair or any other event where an ag society is a partner.


“Ag on the Moove” is a trailer consisting of hands-on educational activities which provide an opportunity for young children and those ‘young at heart’ to learn about where food and fibre come from. It is a fun, exciting and educational thing to do together as a family in a relaxed, entertaining, safe manner.


People learn best by doing – especially when it’s fun. Each activity stands on it own, with its own message and activity.


Activities can include any or all of the following:


> Milk Maker – Learn about milk and milk products. Participants actually squeeze ‘milk’ out of a life-like cow into a bucket and can have the opportunity to toss bean bags with milk products into a matching box.


> Farmer For a Day – Learn where the grocer gets the food that is sold at the store – specifically fresh produce and eggs. Boys and girls can ‘visit’ the farm and become farm helpers. They go to the orchard to pick fruit, to the chicken coop to gather eggs and to the field to dig vegetables (potatoes)


> Grocery Store Game – “There’s something before the grocery store!”

Families work as a team to match a table full of groceries with the appropriate farm crop by putting them in the right farm crop basket.


> Hay Maze – A popular activity where young ‘cow-pokes’ can walk or ride on a life-like stick horse through a maze built entirely from bales of hay (or straw) after which they return the horse to the “stable”.


> Plants for Food and Bedding – Farmers care for animals with good food and bedding. Young ‘farmers’ learn what animals need to eat and where their bedding comes from by separating the hay from the straw, load it into wagons and stack it in appropriate piles.


Check out your local fair or exhibition to see if “Ag on the Moove” will be visiting your community. Ag societies can book this trailer for any community event – check the list of ag societies in About Us to see the one closest to you.